Friday, December 14, 2018

The Best Riverboarding Trips in the United States

Missoula's Best Summer Adventure: Riverboarding!

Not many people know that Missoula's Clark Fork River is the number one riverboarding destination in North America. Missoula adventure outfitter Montana River Guides has been guiding whitewater river board trips on the Clark Fork River's Alberton Gorge since 1995.  Guided river board trips through the spectacular Alberton Gorge are offered daily at 9am, 2pm and 4 pm. Our guides provide all of your equipment along with a thorough orientation and safety briefing. After a practice session where you learn how to maneuver in river current, you'll follow your guide down the river.
riverboarding trips
A smiling river boarder attacks Fang Rapid with Montana River Guides

The Ultimate Missoula Whitewater Adventure

River boarding is a blast. If you can swim, possess enthusiasm and are looking to cool off, river boarding is hard to beat. Missoula's best summer adventure includes big fun class II and III rapids along with some fun surf waves deep in this remarkable canyon. You'll learn river trip basic risk management principals, hand signals and how to read water so you can pull maneuvers like eddy turns, peel outs, ferries and even surfing. While everyone gets their own board, we run the river as a team. Guides are ready to team up and assist guests who want to be lined up just right in the rapids.

Experiencing thrilling whitewater at face level going headfirst down a rollicking river is hands down the funnest, most exciting, guided outdoor adventure in Montana. The Clark Fork River and the Alberton Gorge are perfectly suited for river boarding because of the clean channels, fun rapids and surfable waves. At lower flows we pull over and take turns surfing at a variety of different waves.
Missoula Adventures
Late July and August bring lower river levels and surfable waves at Triple Bridges, Ice Box and Fang. Icebox in the 2-3,000 cfs range is one of the most exciting surfs on the Gorge. At late summer flows the river is more technical but easier to maneuver in than at higher levels.  Our normal half day trips go through the middle canyon and it's bigger rapids. Full day trips start near the Alberton Gorge Ranch and run through Eyeopener, Swimmers, the Shelf, Potter's Plunge and Cliffside before taking a break at Sandy Beaches.
River boarding Trips in MissoulaMontana River Guides has been guiding river board trips on the Gorge for over twenty years. Owner Mike Johnston started out as the lead river board guide and was eventually replaced by Bret "Gentle Muscles" Mollenhauer. Josephine Johnston took over from Bret and now Jo's younger brother Sam is MRG's lead river board guide. The longer we have been at the Gorge the more we have come to appreciate it as one of Montana's hidden adventure gems.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Riverboarding Montana -More than Adrenaline

Riverboarding trips at Montana River Guides are awesome for many different reasons. Foremost is the section of river, the Alberton Gorge, is designed by river gods and ancient floods with deep channels, fun rapids and friendly surf waves. Our time spent gearing up for each trip and going through the safety briefing builds anticipation for the challenge and whitewater adventure to come. You'll learn basic river hydrology and terminology while learning how to ferry, do eddy turns and peel outs, and maneuver your own board down the river.
Riverboarding Trip
This picture is another reason we love our guided river board trips. Most of them include this moment at this beautiful spot where the anticipation and adrenaline are calmed by the sheer spectacular beauty of the place we are about to explore. There's the excitement and the challenge of the whitewater balanced by the soothing immersion in a powerful flowing river in-between the rapids. The power and grandeur of this river and place can give us perspective on our place in this world. Time spent with people you love in great places doing great things, is time well spent.

Montana River Guides
-Riverboarding the Gorge since 1994

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Riverboarding & River Rescue Highlites from Montana

Check out a few river boarding  and guide training hi-lites from one week in June of 2016.
Montana River Guides will be offering guided riverboard trips in 2017 for the 22nd consecutive year.
Riverboarding Montana

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Riverboarding and River Fun near Missoula Montana

Every spring we travel throughout  Montana  and Idaho teaching rescue classes and having fun along the way.Then we head back to the Alberton Gorge with Montana River Guides offering Missoula Raft Trips and guided riverboarding trips daily all summer long.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Riverboard Guide: Josephine Johnston

Montana River Guides has been one of the few companies in the world guiding river board trips since 1996...year in and year out we start river boarding rivers throughout Montana in our Swiftwater Rescue classes during April and May.  Usually in June our dedicated return customers come out for  high water river board trips and we start guiding on the Blackfoot River and Alberton Gorge.
Our lead guide the past few seasons has been longtime river boarder Jo Johnston.  Jo started river boarding Montana when she was five (about 16 years ago) and has probably guided more river board trips than any woman in North America.  Jo is certified in whitewater rescue and is a wilderness first responder, and in her senior year at Willamette University where she plays basketball and studies Environmental Science...When she's not leading river board trips , she either guides raft trips or runs safety for our raft trips, ready to give our rafting guests a helping hand if they take an unintentional swim at Tumbleweed or Fang.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Incredible Surfing Footage